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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price

For those who don’t know, Warren Buffet (one of the richest American Business Magnet) actually started learning and doing stock marketing from the age of 11!!
True entrepreneur skills are those which are achieved on its own, its from one’s own zeal. Get ready for a crazy, busy, competitive and mad marketing event which is going to bring out the best out of you, be the first you rather than the ‘Next XYZ’ famous person! 
Show your advertising skills, teamwork and mostly importantly, your entrepreneur way of thinking which is the only thing which makes you “YOU”! 
Experience this fun event, releasing your creative boundaries to boundless depths!

Round 1 (Individually):
•Aptitude Test (20 MCQs)
Pen and paper round.
Questions will test logical, reasoning, analytical skills of participant. No prior
knowledge required.

Round 2 (Team):

There will be 3 sub – rounds that will be conducted through slides.

A total of 8 + 1(through online contest) teams will compete in this round.

Round 3 (Team):

A total 5 teams will compete in this round. It consists of 2 sub-rounds.

• 3.1- Innovation

The most fun part of our event. Show us how Entrepreneurial your way of thinking is. Do you think that your thinking stands out amongst all. Show us how much creative you can be with no restrictions applied.

• 3.2-Mad Ads

Show us your marketing, Advertisement skills. Can you be as creative as those “Fevicol” ads, well come and show us. At last the top 3 teams will be awarded with prizes


• Eligibility: Open to all
• Exclusive entry to 3 Freshers directly to the second round through online
contest on event’s Facebook page.
• Teams of 2-3 members.
• No outside help shall be sought by the teams. Any evidence of copying
will lead to disqualification.
• Judges and co-ordinator’s decision is final and binding.
• Briefing for each round will be given before the commencement of

Round 1-

Assessment will be done on maximum no. of correct answers in minimum time.

Round 2-

Elimination in this round will based on total points scored by each team in all the sub-rounds of this round.

Round 3-

  • On the basis of presentation
  • The creative naming
  • Catchy tagline 

Q: Is it open for all branches?

Ans. Yes, it is open for all branches.

Q: Is it necessary to come in a team of three?

Ans. No, it is not mandatory to come in teams. In case of shortage of members in a team, no worries, we’ll partner you with someone.

Q: How to register for the event?

Ans. Registration can be done in both online( and offline mode.

Q. Is there any payment for participation in the event?

Ans. No, it’s absolutely free. Participate, ace the rounds and go back with lots of goodies!

 Q. Is the online round only for freshers?

Ans. Yes, only freshers will be selected