Marvel Mayhem

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Ankita Sarkar
Ram Prabodh
Pardhu Kasam
Aayush Kumar

The hardest decisions require the strongest wills.Ever wondered how it’s like being Thanos? It’s time to grab the opportunity to be the next Thanos. Here we welcome you to the amazing world of Marvel Mayhem.You think you got the will?Then take a shot at finding infinity stones.Brace yourself for the MARVEL’ous hunt of the infinity stones with each clue testing the Avenger buff in you and getting you intruiged in the Oblivion of infinity quest this Technozion .

 1.Participants ( a team of 3) will be let in with a single enticing clue which leads to a stone,fetching you the next clue along with it.Going through each clue leaves you with a precious stone which can be implanted in an amazing thanos gauntlet at the end of the game.

2.The mission ends when either the time's up or the team finds all the 6 infinity stones.After the mission ends,the team gets to pose with the Avenger weapons and Infinity Gauntlet.

3.There are two types of clues in this game,one for Marvel players and the other for non Marvel players.You can choose either of the two modes and irrespective of that,the difficulty level remains the same

4.Given time limit is 8 minutes for finding all the infinity stones for each team.For the next 2 mins the participants can revel in the mini Marvel world created by us for all the die heart fans of Avengers out there.

5.Handle all the things in the adventure room with care else you will be charged for breaking/damaging any of the things.

6.Voila!The team that finishes the game in least time gets exciting Marvel merch.