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Mathematical Tambola is a general event conducted during 28,29,30 ofseptember ,2018The event is very much familiar with the game of tambola/housie. In this event, the participants will be playing tambola/housie but with a twist.The participants will not be given numbers as usual but they will be given little equations, solving which they will get the number with which the game is proceeded.The event is divided into 2 rounds.All the registered members are allowed to participate in the initial rounds.All the qualified members in the initial rounds participate in the final rounds.Winner of the Final Round will win and will be awarded and honoured by Technozion 2018, NIT -Warangal.Certificates of participation will be given to the participated teams.

Round 1 consists of aptitude test with 20  mathematical aptitude  questions .Selected students will play second round of mathematical



.With each participant we will play tambola/housie as usual,except for the numbers being called out loud there will be equation being flashed on the screen which they have to solve and get the number in some stipulated time say,50 seconds.Each of the participate will be given a tambola/housie ticket with numbers written on it and they have to strike off the number as soon as it is the answer of the equation being flashed.suppose if 100 participants  got selected for the round 2,from group of 50 each , the participants whose tickets forms Full Housie(5),First five(5),1st Row(5), 2nd Row(5) and 3rd Row(5) first  will be selected  for the final round.


Now with the final  participants we will be playing final round of tambola/housie.Here each participant should play individually.The first three participants whose ticket forms full house will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively


Basic rules of housie apply.Once a particular winning point is achieved by a player, he/she has to claim for it immediately.Participant claiming wrong ticket will be disqualified.

P.S. : Every round will be time based.In case of tie,

A.In preliminary rounds, qualification for the further rounds is done for both members.

B.In final round participants will be given tie breaker questions, whoever solves the tie breaker question first will be awarded.

Electronic device viz. calculators, mobile phones will not be allowed.