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Imagine, one fine morning, Thor’s hammer disappeared or Captain America lost his shield or Harry Potter couldn’t find his wand. They will still have their fearless attitude and superpowers. But willthat be suffice to defeat the supervillians like Thanos or Voldemort?? Ever thought how these weapons become the foundation of every epic movie we watch??? Ever thought how materials play such an important role in the most loved movies of the era?? Yes let’s look at these materials with a newfound respect…..Some of the materials are so cool that we can even paint without even using paintbrushes, only by dipping an article in water. Have you ever heard of a metal which can take the shape of vessel, when heated and then takes their original shape when heat is withdrawn?? Can you imagine about making them yourself?? Yes it is all possible with even making use of the stellar problem solving skills you have. If you feel Metallurgy is a subject which bores you to death and if you are unaware of its intensity and significance in the real world, prepare yourselves to be immersed in the deep insight of the metals in a joyful, exciting venture with your favourite superheroes. In this tz, come to feel the  emotion of the superheroes and their most action packed sequences. Create new innovations with the metals, magical paintings with a swipe of water. Feel the power of science and the true aspects of engineering. Welcome to Meta-avengers!!!

DURATION: First 2 days of Technozion.

This event consists of three rounds:

Round 1: Day 1

This round will be quiz round based on comics like Thor, Captain America, Avengers series, Harry Potter, Bahubali and various other comic series and movies etc. based on the materials used in the weapons or some other places and mostly regarding their functionality. It will be the buzzer round and the team who gives the right answer first gets the points. The questions will be multiple option type. There will be a video clip shown first and then question will be displayed on the board. For example: Which is not true regarding Thor’s hammer?? 

a)Can wrap lightning on itself ?

b)Can conduct electricity?

c)Can destroy thano’s gauntlet?

d)Is made from the energy of stars?

Round 2: Day 1

Participants who cleared round 1 will get to go on this fun filled and exciting round. In this round people will be able to make textures on water surface with the aerosol colour spray which will be copied on solid objects using primer.

Round 3: Day 2

Teams who cleared round 2 will get to go on in this round. In this round the teams have to make the material by collecting the elements required for it. They will be provided with the composition of the material and basic stoichiometric formula, along with the interesting facts and description of the material and the various formulas required. But there’s a twist, after calculating they will find out they have only a few (3 out of 5 or similar) will be provided and remaining they have to barter in exchange of the excess amount of elements, they have been provided with in the starting, from the  stalls which located different places in the campus and for that hints will be provided, in form of QR code which will be available in the stalls in sequence.


1) The contesting teams are supposed to press buzzer after announced only. Buzzers before announcement will not be entertained.
2) The teams cannot access mobile phones or internet of any sort in the event room.
3) The contestants are not supposed to fight among themselves.
4) In case of discrepancy our decision will be the last.
5) Each question will be shown to the teams on the projector for a certain time limit (ranging from 1 min to 5 mins) depending on its difficulty level.


1) Each team will be given one chance to perform desired art on the object.
2) The object will be provided by us.
3) The team using phones or unfair means or disturbing other teams will be disqualified.


1) The teams cannot access mobile phones or internet of any sort during the round.


1) The team giving correct answer will get +5 points after pressing the buzzer properly.
2) The team pressing the buzzer and giving wrong answer will be awarded -2 marks.


1) Beauty of the painting.
2) Efficient use of aerosol colour(less wastage).
3) Finishing.
4) Time taken.


Whoever brings the correct elements with correct composition to form the material first will win.

1. Is Meta-avengers solely based on the Avenger series?
Ans: No, it is not. It is the event which describes that the Metallurgists are like the superheroes and if you attend the event, you will surely understand why it is so.

2. Do we need to carry calculator for round 3?
Ans: Surely not. This is an age of smart-phones, you can use it for calculation and also scanning of QR codes.

3. For round 2 do we need to have prerequisite knowledge about the painting process?
Ans: Of course not, we will give you a demonstration and also tell you the science that goes in it.

4. I’m not a comic fan, is this event for me?
Ans: Yes it is. In the application process, we will ask your genre of interest in movies.
P.s- We have a set of questions from Indian movies like Bahubali and others.

5. We’re not clear with round-1/2/3, what can we do?
Ans: Don’t worry, we have you sorted. Just message any one of us on the given number in whatsapp. We will help you as soon as possible.

6. We are not from metallurgy department. Is this event for us?
Ans: This event is for everyone. It is predominantly a fun event which teaches you a little bit about basic sciences too.
For timings and further details, you can checkout our Facebook page and contact us through it or the details provided. Stay tuned to Technozion’18!