Motor Madness

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Sunil Kumar
Tanay Sharma

Motor madness is a college vehicles exhibition which will be held during Technozion-2018, we invite you to witness battle hardened vehicles made by our own college students. Vehicles made by several teams ( Mechxhausters, Mechaholics, Team Spardhak etc ) will be showcased in this exhibition. These vehicles were part of several national level competetions where they performed gloriously.


Witness the quadbike by Mechaholics 2.0, it is a vehicle designed for all kinds of terrains including dry soil lands of deserts to musky roads of shoresides. It is designed with a strong suspensions to tolerate bumps and hits of rocky terrains. This quad was awarded for most efficient vehicle out of 45 participants and overall had an AIR - 10.

We invite you witness this super charged quad in Motor Madness in Technozion - 2018!

Witness the baja vehicle of NIT Warangal.  This vehicle is an off road beast having a top speed of 60kmph and acceleration of 6.4m2/s. Customized parts were used to make this vehicle with aerospace material for lighter weight.

This Technozion we are showcasing Team Spardhak's top creation, don't miss it.



When it comes to performance Team Mechxhausters does not kid around. Their vehicle gives a top speed of 96kmph with engine of 390cc. Yes, you heard it right. Visit Motor Madness exhibition to witness this on-road vehicle.