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Aishwarya Sadagopan
Tanay Sharma

Hexapod is a fully articulated robot kit that gives you a platform to explore advanced robots, kinematics and programming. Hexy has six legs, 19 servo motors and is powered by Arduino.

 It is ready to walk, play and dance with pre-built demos in this TZ-18.

The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle using wireless technology for remote operation attached with wireless camera for monitoring purpose, The robot along with camera can wirelessly transmit real time video. This kind of robot can be hel for spying purpose in war fields.    

Visit the exhibition to see this spy robot in action.

With this device you could start and stop the robot using your EEG sginals of the brain. It uses brainsense sensor to measure the attenton from the EEG signals of the brain. You could drive the robot in different directions by modulation your brain signals. Unlike any other human machine interfaces, BCI does not use muscle activity so it could be used for paralyzed people to navigate the robot in different directions without depending upon anyone.

This TZ visit this exhibition to see a technology never seen before in Technozion!