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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

Powertronix is about building most power efficient and renewable power IoT circuits for real life application. The main objective is to have more practical feature with leastpower consumption and usage of renewable resources. Pitch your idea and experience a mock conference.

"it was the innovation of bulb before,now, it is internet of things for innovation,from internet of things to innovation of things,we have come a long way".we are moving towards a world of mechanisation and technological booms.To keep up with the fast pacing world of ours, internet of things is the wave of future, a new revolution.
But its not just the designing of IOT circuit for our problem statement that matters,can you do it such that it has least power consumption in a limited amount of time?A mock conference at the end to showcase your idea infront of a large crowd makes it allbetter.
so suit up and get ready to unleash the power within you!

It is going to be held on the three days of technozion.

 Round 1 : This is an aptitude round which tests your creativity and how well can you come up quick and efficient solutions to complex real life problems , IQ and your knowledge to build them.

 Round 2 : You shall be given a list of real life problem statement for a purpose, you have to come up with the most efficient circuit that consumes the least amount of power and maximum features. Your circuit should have all the essentials and and manage power effectively and it depends on how you add other power sources such that maximum usage of them is done.You can make use of as many components needed.

 Round 3 : Presenting your idea is as important as having one. The way you pitch your idea is going to be tested in round three.Herein explain the features you added and be ready to be questioned on which you didn't get the experience of a proper mock conference. You’ll have to give practical parameters and applications to your design. You can modify the design externally but the internal
circuit shouldn't be altered. It includes location where you want it to be applied, target and how your design is better than any other options available in the market. Formals Mandatory.

If you are late during selection of problem statement,you shall be at the end inspite of your aptitude scores. Every component of the circuit will have points, based on its importance and effectiveness. You cannot change the design in round three. You have to pitch the original design itself, so be sure with it.  All the team members are supposed to speak during the presentation.  A detailed outline will be sent later to the qualified teams which shall include main things you need to talk about and the time limit for each topic as well.

  • Aptitude shall be judges on your score. In case of a tie, time shall be a the tiebreaker.
  • You shall be asked to chose the problem statements yourself and the order of aptitude score shall be followed.
  •  Criteria for second round shall be power efficiency of the circuit.
  •  Third round you'll be judged on your presentation, design and how well you were able to defend it.