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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 3

Game is all about fun,technical approach,memory and you gonna feel the sacredness of the game by commiting yourself completely to witness the change you wanna provide. Showcase your talents in this thrilling event where your  intellectuality and unconventionality is tested at its best. Get in to the league to defeat the best competitive teams to be the  “BEST”! It contains some amazing rounds involving an interesting quiz and other fun filled activities. Grab the seriousness of the moment and indulge in the live atmosphere of the event. It also has a round of paper presentation and a daring yet abstract type round which require extreme team coordination efforts!


In this stage there is a simple and technical quiz.In this quiz they will be given set of technical questions related to modern invention, graphical conclusion ,pattern   observation ,riddle problem as well as pictorial evaluation.
In the last 5-8 questions of the quiz,they have to select one..... in which they think they have knowledge and their field of interest (weaponry, sportscars, aircrafts, famous architectures, electronic devices) {modern invention, pictorial recognition, specifications -} 

10-12 teams will be selected for 2nd stage.(depends on no. of participation)


A member of the team will be blind folded and he is given certain fix time to touch 10 different object (basic models of things like airplane , windmill, motor, submarine, ship etc), he has to think what it is and try to remember as many possible which he has to make his second teammate to understand by making molds of those objects. Then the second member will be given certain time to make the third teammate to guess the objects but he can only use technical terms and actions he cannot directly tell it.
5-6 teams will be selected for 3rd stage.


We will provide 6 –8 different objects which will be convenient for judges to judge like windmill, motor engine, thermal power plant, turbines, satellite, robotics, heat engine etc.
Out of the given objects stage 2 winner will be given a chance to choose from given objects prior to their ranks. Teams will be giving a presentation as to how present applications of the structure can be modified to suit futuristic needs of the humans, and at present where it can be established if possible.

Judging criteria:

Stage 1; Teams which will get max. No. of correct answer will be selected for second round.
Stage 2; 5-6 teams will be selected on the basis of no. Of correct guessed object in given time.
Stage 3; 1-presentation
                      2-point of view
                      4-futuristic needs


1-Using google is punishable by god as well as by us too.
2-You got to submit your work within time.
3-For second round direct chat with your partner is prohibited.
4-In case of any discrepancy during quiz only quiz master will take care of .no need of extra hand.


Round 1: Teams which will get max. no. of correct answer will be selected for second round.
Round 2:  5-6 teams will be selected on the basis of no. of correct guessed object in given time.
Round 3: 1. Presentation
                 2. Point of view
                 3. Feasibility
                 4. Futuristic needs

Q.What if I don’t come with 3 members?
Ans-Come and participate we will take care of

Q.Is it open for all years?
Ans-Yes of course

Q.Do we need to bring any stuff?
 Ans-Bring your pen and mind, that’s all.