Spend it like Beckham

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Himanshu Bohra

An event specifically designed with love by the Technozion team for all the football fanatics out there, Spend It Like Beckham aims to test your tactical accumen, your shrewdness and the inherent footballing genius. 

Spend It Like Beckham is an amalgamation of three sub events: 

1) SILB Auction and Simulation


3) SILB Foosball

So are you ready ?


Play False 9 like Guardiola, grab a bargain like Wenger or go all out to buy a Galactico like Fiorentino Perez. Just like the World Cup captured the imaginations of people this summer, this event provides an opportunity for participants to do the same in Technozion.

ROUND 1: A football quiz to separate a football fan from a real enthusiast. It consists of 30 questions: including picture questions as well as tiebreakers from various aspects of the beautiful game. Ideally the students will be requested to come in teams of 2 or 3 else they will be paired up randomly. Total 32 teams will be selected who will proceed to next round.

ROUND 2 : Auction, The spotlight of the show: All teams will be given a transfer budget of $150 million to display their skills by formatting a team from it’s inception. The auction consists of 4 stages: 1) Goalkeepers 2) Defenders 3) Midfielders 4) Forwards. All teams must have a minimum of 15 players. How realistic can it get? Indeed very realistic with a transfer window from 9 pm to 12 am via a Whatsapp group. Swap, buy, sell players or snap up free agents through your tactical transfers.

ROUND 3: Simulation Matches: Delve into managing mode. Be ready with team sheets, tactics and substitutes. 32 teams will compete in 16 knockout FIFA 18 simulated matches. There will be a 4 minute discussion time among the team members in which you can know the opponent's team and plan accordingly before the start of match . Coin toss will decide home team. Semi-finals and final will be 2-legged to avoid home advantage.

FIFA 18 – EA Sports most recent release in the franchise is amongst the most popular games played competitively. So Do you think you are built for the kill? 

ROUND 1: QUALIFICATION ROUND :  A coin toss will decide home team. Laptop and joystick will be provided though you can get your own laptop and controller if custom play is preferable for you. Winners of this round are to play in round 2. Qualification consists of knockout matches of 8 minutes each.

ROUND 2 :FINALS : Follows same format as the previous round.

Done with auction, done with FIFA, want more action? We bring for you, ‘Table Soccer’ or more commonly known as Foosball. (‘What's Foosball?’ - it involves using figures mounted on rotating bars to kick a ball into the opposing goal. The table usually contains 6-8 rows of foos men. Players manipulate the rods to control the figures, using them to hold up, pass or shoot the ball).

ROUND 1 :QUALIFICATION : A coin toss will decide the kick off team. A match will last for 5 minutes and players are required to swap sides on half time. Winners proceed to round 2.

ROUND 2 :FINALS: The total number of matches will be according to the number of previous round winners. It will be based on knock out basis.