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First introduced in TZ’11, this first-year exclusive event aims to test your resourcefulness, versatility and ingenuity. We provide a platform to challenge your problem-solving skills, on spot thinking, marketing skills and mostly your test your temperament during challenging situations. The structure of the event is such that it tempts you to think and innovatively tackle every stage. May the gutsiest team win.

Round 0: Aptitude Test

Pen and Paper is all you need.

Testing your logical and reasoning skills.

No syllabus and no prescribed study material.


Round 1: The Scorch Trials

Teams of 4 will compete in multiple small events testing the guts and wit of the freshers.

A race against the clock and the other teams.


Round 2: IAS Banke Dikhao


Tired of waiting for your complaints to be heard? Prepare a report yourself and present it to the acting concerned authority (EVMs) with a proper budget and cost-effective solutions.


Round 3: Corporate Dodgeball

The representatives of 4 MNCs (4 teams) gather around in a room full of global investors and prove their worth by dragging each other into the mud and displaying their crisis solving skills.

1) Only freshers are eligible for the event.
2) If any of the shortlisted candidates are unable to form a team they will be teamed up with some random candidate.
4) No outside help shall be sought by the teams. 
5) Judge's and coordinator's judgement is final and binding. 
6) Candidates will be briefed before each round and can ask any of the EVM’s if they get any queries.



Round 0: Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the score they get in the Pen-Paper test.
Round 1: It's based on wallet system and candidates will be given entry to next round based on the bucks left at the end.
Round 2: On the basis of Cost-effective solutions and Convincing capabilities.
Round 3: solely on the basis of how  you convince the investors to invest in your company.

Q1. How will the teams be formed?

Ans. From round 0, participants will be individually selected. Before round 1, all the contestants will be asked to form teams of 4 themselves. The contestants who are unable to do so, the EVMs will team them up.

Q2. Is the online round only for freshers?

Ans. Yes, the winners of the online round will only be freshers.