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Minimum Members: 3   Maximum Members: 4

As majority of job profiles of core Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical is related to maintenance and techno management, it is high time that we have an event in Technozion to test those skills of the upcoming engineers. The event “TECHQUIPPED” focuses on those aspects over a series of 3 rounds.

ROUND-1: Aptitude test on questions related to practicality.
Team: 1- member.

ROUND-2: Series of events that test the techno managerial skills of the individual. 
This round includes 5 levels.
 Team: 3-4 members (you can choose your teammate, if not you will be allotted randomly).

ROUND-3: The final showdown.

ROUND 1:30%-40% of the total contestants will be shortlisted based on score of aptitude.

ROUND 2:2 teams will be knocked out in every level based on performance.

ROUND 3:Based on individual performance.


1. Prerequisite- not required.
 2. Teammate-can be the one you choose but he/she must be in shortlist for the 2nd round. 
 3. Department- open for all branches and years.