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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 3

“Today’s recording techniques would have been regarded as science fiction forty years ago.”
                                                                                                                       -Tony Visconti

Are you a pro at making video clips?

TechTape 2.0 brings to you an interesting opportunity to bring in spotlight your creativity and skills
by taping the exclusive sightings from Technozion 2018.

Not sure what to do?

Record video clips, join, cut, edit, modify, bring in some elements of creativity, and you’re done!
Join us individually or in groups of max 3, and get a chance to earn exciting prizes!

TechTape 2.0 essentially has two rounds.
The first round will begin from 01.09.2018.
Here’s how interested candidates can join:
Submit your best video clip (your theme can be anything you like) to our event mail id by 26.09.18 , 11:59 PM. Mention your TEAM NAME along with
names, contact numbers, and e mail id of the team members.(You can also go solo!)

1. Depending upon the number of responses and qualitative aspects of entries, a certain
number of participants shall be shortlisted for Round 2, which is the ultimate round of the
2. Selected candidates will be notified through mail as well as the official facebook page of our
event ‘TechTape 2.0’.
3. Round 2 starts from day ZERO(26.09.18) of TZ and ends by 11:59 PM, Day 2(28.09.18).
4. Candidates are supposed to video shoot some exclusive sightings from Technozion 2018,
edit, modify, and add some elements of creativity in the video clip.
5. ZEROTH DAY, FIRST DAY, SECOND DAY are to be utilised for recordings. Candidates are free
to include any element of technozion in their clips.
6. Free and fair judgement is assured by the judgement panel from Photography Club, NITW.
7. Results will be announced on Day 3.

1. Teams can have maximum three members. Individual entries are also invited.
2. Deadline for submission of entries for Round 1: 26.08.18 , 11:59.
3. Mailed entries for round one will be considered as registered for the event by default. No
additional process is required.

4. Shortlisted candidates for Round 2 are supposed to carry their own devices and gadgets
required for video making.
5. Shortlisted teams/candidates should report to the given venue(to be informed). Teams
/ candidates not reporting under the given time will be disqualified.
6. Time limit for the final video is 4 MIN. Do NOT exceed the time limit.
7. Briefing of each round will be given before the commencement of both the rounds
8. Deadline for the submission of second round is on 29 th of Sep at 11:59 PM.
9. Judges and Coordinators’ decision will be final. All teams shall abide by it under any circumstances.

1. Quality of video
2. Theme of video
3. Way of portraying the idea
4. Usage of effects & editing
5. In case of tie, time of submission will be taken into consideration.

Q : Is it open for all years?
A : Yes. It is open for all years.

Q : How to register for the event?
A : Entries sent to the above given mail ID will be considered as registered by default.

Q : Is there any registration fee?
A : No. It is absolutely free.

Q : Will required devices & gadgets be provided to candidates?
A : No. Participants will have to get their own devices.

Q : Is DSLR compulsory?
A : NO. Any video capturing devices are allowed.