Karthick Vigneshwar

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Mohana Kavya

"AI powered cyber attacks"

• 12+ Years of Techno-Management Experience.
• MSc Computer Security Forensics and Risk Management @ University of Greenwich.
• Trained 35000+ Students and IT Professionals on Information Security.
• Training Domains: Information Security, Product, Corporate and Career Guidance training.
• Certifications Achieved: CCNA, MCP, OCA, ITIL, CCSA and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.
• Technical Excellence in Computer Forensics, IT Auditing, IT Management, Wireless Security, Networking, Operating system, Data Base, Firewall, Anti Virus, Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Info Sec Training.
• Sound knowledge in various IT tools like Symantec Anti Virus, Forensics Tool Kit, Encase, Vistumbler, Checkpoint Firewall.
• Excellent Communication & Presentation skills.
• Good interpersonal skills - works well with others- team player, motivates and encourages.
• Excellent Analytical & Problem solving skills with good Time Management.
• More about Karthick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFIR0dX05Sc

Venue: ECE Seminar Hall

Time: 29 September 2:00 PM

Hackers are on the brink of launching a wave of AI powered cyberattacks and also AI powered cyberattacks against humans will be almost impossible to stop.

Hackers can make use of AI for mass production of custom social attacks and specifics, such as companies or systems. Taking into account the current use of this technology, we can consider attacks that are faster, more adaptive and more difficult to capture. And this session will be covering a holistic approach of all possible AI powered cyber attacks.